Hall of Fame: Season 2

Ruthless Lord Jaaster

In Game Name: Jaaster Taras
Server: Balmung

This Coerthan joins the technique of the Fist of Rhalgr with his own prodigious leaping ability for blindingly quick strikes and crushing blows from on high. After making it to the finals of the third Reign and falling to Season One’s Ruthless Royal, he kicked off the second season in explosive fashion and won it all.

Ruthless Lord Shark

In Game Name: Requin Carcharodon
Server: Balmung

Relentless as his namesake, his all-or-nothing onslaughts are genuine blood sport honed by life on the streets and hunting on the Jade Sea. Introduced to the Reign’s first season by Opalarie, he has since risen to topple her and claim his place among the lords.

Ruthless Lord K'yel

In Game Name: K’yel Tia
Server: Balmung

Armed with only a rudimentary spear made of a scorpion tail, he bested all his opponents, mighty and magical alike. His victory earned him the title of Ruthless Lord… and of ‘Stick Boy.’

Ruthless Lord Bandit

In Game Name: Ma’sae Pohju
Server: Balmung

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