Hall of Fame: Season 3

Ruthless Lord Professor

In Game Name: Zihji’li Nhikna
Server: Balmung

Latecomer to the first season and long time contender since, this avid polymath of nomadic origins utilizes a rotating kit of armaments with an eclectic mix weaving elements, intermediate-to-melee tactics, and arithmetic. Through decisive performances and a hair-raising bridge, the pâtissier and professor earned another title to share in the opening of the third season: Ruthless Lord.

Ruthless Lord Vander Thuun

In Game Name: Vander Thuun
Server: Zalera

From out of the darkness, a fiery light appears! He’ll set your heart aflutter while he sets the stage ablaze!

Ruthless Lord Sindl

In Game Name: Sindl Arahn
Server: Balmung

An arcanist by training and a pit-fighter by accident, this graduate of Mealvaan’s Gate is proof that perseverance pays off. He won his first title in the fifth Ruthless Reign in a surprise come back against incredible odds. 

In the third season, he won his second title.

Ruthless Lady Jia

In Game Name: Jia Stahra
Server: Balmung


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