Hall of Fame: Season 4

Ruthless Lord Vander Thuun

In Game Name: Vander Thuun
Server: Zalera

From out of the darkness, a fiery light appears! He’ll set your heart aflutter while he sets the stage ablaze!

Ruthless Lady Elia Barrett

In Game Name: Elia Barrett
Server: Balmung

A refugee from Abalathia’s Spine, Elia came to Ul’dah with little more than the clothes on her back. Now, after many close calls, this miner and swordswoman has finally claimed victory in the Ruthless Reign.

Ruthless Lady Elin Bryndoenwyn

In Game Name: !
Server: Balmung


Ruthless Lady Tange Shishido

In Game Name: Tange Shishido 
Server: Balmung

Tange Shishido is an aged, weathered Doman samurai. Having fought in the first two of Doma’s armed conflicts with Garlemald, Tange is permanently injured by severe wounds earned fighting the same night as Lord Kaien’s death. She dragged herself with one arm through the muck of the battlefield, and intends to find each of the blades of her fallen allies to help fulfill an oath they all swore: that their blades would not rest until Doma is safe.

Towards this end, she has taken to showcasing her skills in tournaments so as to win over prospective students and followers – and relive the thrill of battle she has so keenly missed.