Hall of Fame

The winners of the Ruthless Reign are named Ruthless Lord / Ruthless Lady. Here, we honor our past winners.

Season 1

Ruthless Lord Totoji

In Game Name: Totoji Tasaji
Server: Zalera

From the proud jewel of Thanalan, he stands at 3 fulms and 2 ilms of desert brawn. While the merchants counted coins, he studied the blade. This former Brass Blade, and three-time champion of the aldgoat-toss was the first to earn the title Ruthless Lord.

Ruthless Lady Thistle

In Game Name: Milloux Allard
Server: Balmung

Her signature reckless fighting style combines physical blows and magic. In the first Ruthless Reign she squared off in the finals against Totoji. In the second Reign, she emerged victorious.

Ruthless Lady Opalarie

In Game Name: Opalarie D’ath
Server: Balmung

A dazzling, skilled fighter, the final match of the third Ruthless Reign stretched for what felt like an eternity before the final, decisive blow named this samurai a Ruthless Lady.

In the fourth Ruthless Reign she emerged victorious once more.