All hits and misses are decided via /random roll.

Before the match begins the opponents will /random, and the highest roller will write the first post. 

In combat phases, the post is written before any rolls are made. Once the post is written and sent the attacker rolls a /random and then the defender rolls a /random. If the attacker rolls higher, the hit is considered to have landed. If the defensive roll is equal to or higher, then the attack has been successfully nullified or dodged. 


The type of blow delivered is dependent on the attack roll and not the defense roll. This is to keep things simple and easy to interpret.

    • A successful attack roll of 600+ is considered a devastating (also called medium) blow.
    • A successful attack roll of 800+ is considered an incapacitating (also called large) blow.

*When a character takes a devastating or incapacitating blow it is mainly flavor text/points assignment. There will be no effect on future rolls. 

Power Up

Once per fight combatants are allowed to use a Power Up! This is OOCly declared prior to rolling and may be used offensively or defensively. A Power Up grants a one time +100 to your roll. This can cause devastating or incapacitating blows when used in an attack if the roll + power up push the total into the appropriate bracket.


**Please Note: Power Up rolls max out at 999 and will not go over.

Win Conditions*

Each Judge will notate the scores their own way.  Katyusha will use the 0/0/0 system.  This notation reads as: Normal Blows/Devastating Blows/Incapacitating Blows

To win: Score 4 total of any kinds of blows against your opponent:

    • 4/0/0
    • 3/1/0
    • 3/0/1


Score 3 devastating blows against your opponent

    • 0/3/0


Score 1 devastating blow and 1 incapacitating blow against your opponent 

    • 0/1/1
    • 0/0/2

*if time does not allow for this, win conditions may be lowered to expedite matches. Such changes will be announced at the time of the match.

Time Limits

Each event will have a hard time limit on every fight with a slightly longer time allocated for the title match. The time limit for each fight will be based on the number of matches that will be held.

If time is called the winner will be decided based on their points scored:

  • Minor blows = 1 point
  • Devastating blows = 2 points
  • Incapacitating blows = 3 points

If a turnout is too large to comfortably fit within the allotted time, the first few rounds may have all contenders fighting their matches at the same time to qualify for the tournament in single elimination three blows preliminary matches.