In Character Rules

  • Do not kill your opponent
  • Fight only your assigned opponent 
  • Do not sever limbs and try not to mess up a pretty face.
    • Limbs include:
      • Arms
      • Legs
      • Tails
      • ….head I mean, seriously
    • Do not do permanent damage to the head.
  • Do not consume the flesh of your opponent.
  • The judges have the final say in the results of matches

Out Of Character Rules

  • Be respectful towards others 
  • The spirit of the event is to be ruthless however out of respect for our fellow RPers we have a set of guidelines that we expect our fighters to follow
    • Excessive descriptions of blood and gore should be kept out of your posts. It’s okay to deal real damage to your opponent, but consider your audience while crafting your posts. 
    • Consent is Key. At the end of the day, no matter how the rolls of a fight go, each player has the right to refuse to allow disfiguring or massively character altering damage.
      • Rolls will still count for their rolled value, regardless of any actual injuries sustained by the character who is hit by the attack. 
      • It is possible for fighters  to walk away from a fight with no injuries,  minor injuries, or massive or life-threatening injuries depending on the individual player’s preferences. We will not be policing or enforcing how many injuries any players’ characters take. Winners will be decided by the roll based score. 
  • Do not disrupt matches, we have limited time.
  • Combatants ‘ posts are limited to two chat boxes of text, as we have limited time.
  • Use magic, use fists, use weapons, including guns, whatever. Anything goes. Since combat is roll based, your choice of fighting style is completely open.

In Character Disqualification

Death of Opponent: if an opponent dies within the ring or before the end of the event the offending combatant is immediately disqualified.

Limb Removal: fully severing an opponent’s limbs, including tails, is grounds for disqualification. In the case of partial severance of limbs, if the healer is required to amputate the injured limb rather than heal it, the offending opponent is immediately disqualified.

Attacking Audience Member: Attacking anyone but your assigned opponent(s) will result in immediate disqualification.

Failure to Appear: If a fighter is a no-show at the time of their fight, they will be disqualified. If this happens in the first round that they are due to fight in, an alternate will be selected from the list of signups, if any, who did not receive a slot and are currently present and prepared to fight. If a fighter fails to appear for a fight that occurs after they have completed their first fight, they will be disqualified and their opponent will advance.