Miss Reign

In Game Name: Katyusha Reign
Server: Balmung
Position: Owner, Hostess, Judge

Katyusha is the heiress to a Near Eastern trading empire that set down roots in Ul’dah during her grandfather’s time. Energetic and enthusiastic, she embraces everything in life with a level of cheer that some might call unnerving.

Her father was the famous gladiator Ruthless Reign, who was undefeated in the ring. However, despite being undefeated, he still perished from the accumulative complications of wounds won on the Blood Sands.

The Ruthless Reign is Katyusha’s way to honor his memory.

The Charlatan

In Game Name: Rashk Geilt
Server: Balmung
Position: Judge

Ambiguously androgynous, all that’s easy to say about Charlatan is that they’re short and a Miqo’te. They could be male or female, the voice modifier attached to their mask distorting their speech into metallic whispers, two voices overlaid—one masculine and the other more feminine.

They are one of the judges for the Ruthless Reign and rarely seen outside of tournament nights. The word on the street is that this ‘jester bastard’ buys information and likes to creep on people.

The Phoenix

In Game Name: Adrian Suzuka
Server: Zalera
Position: Head Medic

Adrian is a male viera hailing from the far reaches of Doma with a rather stern face and an even sterner approach to the good health of the people. While he can be a little rough around the edges, he truly does wish for guests and participants to be healthy and happy during their time at the Reign. There are some whispers from Limsa Lominsa of his darker dealings with the local black markets and pirate crews.

Despite all these rumors he runs a beautiful restaurant and inn called the White Lotus Inn with his partner Felore Soleil. When not patching people up he can be found there baking bread and mixing potions. Nothing can cure a person better than good food and company!

Miss Lyehga

In Game Name: Emiyyah Lyehga
Server: Balmung
Position: Investor, Interior Designer & Decorator

Once the proprietress of the esteemed Rose and Thorn, which closed under mysterious circumstances. Her establishment was known among those with deep pockets as a quiet place to while away the bells in idle comfort and assured indulgences; Emiyyah has strayed from the spotlight for several turns now in self-imposed seclusion.

Never one to overlook budding business opportunities, however, she took a childhood friend up on her offer to invest, eager to provide the Reign with her own brand of flare and panache. She serves as an advisor to Katyusha… when not seeing to her duties as a counselor and physical therapist for the Ashen Enclave.

Miss Delacroix

In Game Name: Delphine Delacroix
Server: Balmung
Position: Barista

Fresh from the snowy peaks of Ishgard, Lady Delphine Delacroix is a young noblewoman with far more money and time on her hands than sense. Fancying herself a five star chef, she eagerly rushes forth to expand her knowledge of cooking (and the world) so that one day her name shall be known throughout all of Eorzea.

When not selling refreshments at the Ruthless Reign, Delphine can most often be found with her nose in a book, picking flowers in the rain, or inadvertently starting outrageous rumors among Ishgard’s High Society.

Non-Player Character Staff


The Guard

Stern, strict, sarcastic.

Batu stands guard out front, keeping watch over the comings and goings of the cafe’s patrons as well as assuring their safety.


The Culinarian

Warm, flirty, helpful

Leopold is an expert in the culinary crafts and a coffee connoisseur. He is the master of the menu and the one who sources and roasts the beans.


The Coinmaster

Cold, formal, polite

Kenta handles the monetary transactions in the cafe, including purchses and betting. Twelve help anyone who messes with his ledgers.


The Watchman

Dry, amused, quiet

Nergui keeps watch inside, serving as an arbiter of unplanned combat and bouncer for those who refuse to play by the rules. 

If you and your friends are RPing alone in the Reign Cafe you are welcome to utilize our NPC staff to suit your needs.