The Ruthless Reign: Season 4 Fight 4!

Friday, June 18th, 2021

6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern

The Ruthless Reign is the Reign Cafe’s main RP event. It is a monthly /random based combat tournament. The theme of the tournament is to be ruthless and as such all weapons and spell schools are allowed. Anyone is welcome to sign up to participate, with early bird sign ups available via our Discord community.

How it Works

Stand and Fight!

Early bird sign ups are open via our Discord. Sign ups will be taken for the first 30 minutes of the event.

Two fights are run concurrently on the stage, one taking place inĀ  yells and the other in shouts. The style of combat is roll based, using our customized mechanics.

As a fighter, you will be invited into a party with the judge and your opponent for the match. There, questions, comments, and communication take place during the RP. The judge will keep both combatants updated on the current score standings and win condition requirements.

When a combatant is defeated, they will leave the stage. The victor will remain on the stage to face the next fighter. Victors will continue to fight all challengers until they are defeated or choose to step down for whatever reason, be it to seek medical attention or due to contentment with their victories.

At the end of the night, the combatant with the highest number of victories to their name will be awarded the prize of 500,000 gil and the title of Ruthless Lord or Lady*.

A Royal Reign is a season-end event featuring the 4 winners from the season facing off in a double elimination tournament

*The titles awarded are not gender specific. Those who hold the title may use either or both as they choose. Let us know your preferences for the Hall of Fame listing.