The Ruthless Reign: End of Season 1 Celebration

Friday, November 15th, 2019

November’s Ruthless Reign will be a special edition, and a special format. NO SIGN UPS REQUIRED!

Prospective fighters will form a line and be taken in order into the ring. The victor will remain in the ring until they lose a match. The loser of the match is free to re-join the end of the line, to fight again as many times as time allows before the end of the event.

Once we are out of time, the total victories will be tallied up, and whoever won the most fights will be declared the winner of the night!

6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern

The Ruthless Reign is the Reign Cafe’s main RP event. It is a monthly /random based combat tournament. The theme of the tournament is to be ruthless and as such all weapons and spell schools are allowed. Anyone is welcome to sign up to participate.