Explore the Venue

The Yard

Soft breezes and the Thanalan sun are yours to enjoy at our outdoor seating, the perfect option for patrons who wish for fresh air. We are situated just a short walk away from one of the most breathtaking vistas the Goblet has to offer.

Test your mettle against our training dummies, or relax in our private hot tub after a hard bout.


On the ground floor, you will find our cafe and lounge. The tournament is held downstairs, to your left.

Bottom Floor

The bottom floor is where we host The Ruthless Reign, our very own no holds barred tournament. It’s a clash of fierce competitors and exciting entertainment.

After all, cake and carnage pair perfectly, don’t you think?

*The stage’s decor will be updated every now and then.

During The Ruthless Reign our event healers handle most injuries in house at the medics’ station.